Israel – Masada and Qumran caves.

We departed Eilat in a dust haze and it kept up all day to Jerusalem. We hope it is better tomorrow.

We visited  Masada which is the place where King Herod had a palace high up on a mesa. It is also the place where Jewish people held out against the Romans. The Romans beat the Jews but when they entered the place all te Jews had committed suicide rather than go into slavery to Rome. It has been a powerful symbol to the Jews.

this is Herod’s Palace. You can see the effect of the dust haze.



Next we went to Qumran caves where over 800 scrolls where found. These scolls where found by fortune sekers in 1947. They took the scolls to an antique dealer in Bethlehem who did not know what they where but knew they were valuable. They were they old testament in original Hebrew. As Jordon owned the land they were put in a Museum in Jerusalem. After the six day war Jerusalem was taken by the Jews and the scolls were tranfered to the Israel Museum. Some have found their way t private collections. Below is a photo of one of the caves the scrolls were hidden. Again note the dust haze.


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