Yad Vashem. The Holocaust Museum. Jerusalem.

We went to the Holocaust Museum. It is built on a mountain just on the outside of Jerusalem. On the very top is a building with ashes from the concentration camps. No other building onthe mountain is to be higher. A litle lower down the mountain is a building built like a big Toblerone that is set into the mountain and divides it in half, but also divides Jewish history into before the War and after.

The exhibition starts with the rich life Jewish people had in Europe and then shows the restrictions placed on Jewish life during the 1930s. There are survivors telling their story on videos thoughout the museum.

We found the stories, photos and items from the Ghettos very interesting. Each of these sections are in rooms off the central building.

Then the camps, and the survival, and the rescue of the few.

At the end is a wall with the photos of all the main organisors of the Final Solution. Also listed is their outcome which was suicide or execution.

At the very end is a large round room where the names of all those who were mudered are kept. I was going OK until then.

Our guide gave us 75 minutes  to see the museum. We took 110 minutes and we rushed through.

So glad we saw it.

One thought on “Yad Vashem. The Holocaust Museum. Jerusalem.

  1. HI, Marlene & Rob,

    Thanks for visiting the Holocaust Museum – we will never have the opportunity to do that.

    Love from Barb & Bob

    >– Original Message — >


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