Leaving Saint-Cirg Lapopie

Leaving Saint Cirg

We have been here for five days and have had a good look around the area. It is a beautiful green and rocky area. No tourist buses just individuals enjoying the scenery.

We drove to Cahors. Visited the market and walked around the town. The tourist office they gave us a map for the invisible gardens. We found a few but the others were too invisible. Anyway our garden back home is better than anything we saw. Saw the bridge.


On our way home we turned off to see a cave with paintings. It was fully booked but the ticket seller told us to wait if someone does not arrive. They didn’t so we were in. We channelled ‘Ayla’ the character from Jean Auel’s books The Clan of the Cave bear series and went into the cave. Wonderful paintings of horses and bison. This is a photo of a photo. No cameras in the cave



We have been on a boat on the Lot River through a lock with other boats. We then walked along the river through a cutting in the rocks.



Today we went to Gauffe de Padiric. This is an enormous sink hole that leads caves. We travelled down 2 lifts then 200 stairs, then walked 200 meters, then another 100 stairs. We reached small boats and were taken 500 metres through the cave into a lake and then walked. We went up 150 steps and down 150 steps to another small lake with a small waterfall. The cave had enormous stalactites over the water but no stalagmites as the drips get washed away. The water tumbled over built up calcite. The roof varied from 30 to 70 meters in height. We were 103 meters under the ground. We returned the same way. My new knee worked very well, no pain. I was just a bit puffed. We had booked our tickets on line from home. Just as well, many people waiting.


We then went to Rocamadour. The town is on a cliff, with a top section a middle section and parking below. They had a little train that takes you up to the middle section. If you want to go to the top section there is a lift. How good is that. You have to pay but not very much. More tourists in this town.


Tomorrow we are off to our first self catering cottage for a week.o

3 thoughts on “Leaving Saint-Cirg Lapopie

  1. Looks so interesting Marlene. The cave system must have been fascinating. Pity about the invisible gardens being so invisible!! Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing these.


  2. Thanks for the travel news. Looks exotic. You are certainly testing your new knee with all those stairs. You’ll be so fit when you return. Keep enjoying your adventure and count yourself lucky you weren’t in Nice yesterday. Love Patsy

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