This is a beautiful part of rural France, very green environment with a big river. This area is where the average French people come for their holidays. There are lots of family groups here enjoying themselves. No tourist buses, so no large tour groups.

Our cottage is one of several situated at the base of a privately owned chateau. They were probably the workers cottages. Sadly, the community has declined and these cottages are now holiday homes. There are no shops or community activities. The church bells strike every hour, but we have not seen activity at the church. Although today as we were walking to our car we found a mobile shop which sells cheese, bread, meat and fruit. We saw a lady give her order for the next visit, then off the shop went just like in the old days, however this mobile shop was a refrigerated purpose built van.

this is the entrance to our cottage.


This is the visiting food van.


There are many beautiful small villages just about 10 kilometres away in several directions.


Rob at Sarlat market.

This area is known for walnuts production usually just on small plots. To give you a list, we have eaten salami like sausage with walnuts. They have walnut oils,walnut liqueur, walnut cakes of all sorts, walnut cream, walnuts and onions and chocolate coated walnuts. The area is also known for truffles.


Today we went to Castelnaud, which is the largest chateau in the area. We were the only participants in the English speaking tour so we had a good time. We learned about trying to seize the castle. What methods would we use? How did the castle fortifications repeal the invaders? What weapons would we use? An interesting trivia bit, boiling oil was not used as oil was very expensive. I should be teaching year 8 history with all this on the spot information.

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