Marqueyssac gardens

Last Thursday evening in the Dordogne we went to the Marqueyssac gardens, which are on a hill next to a chateau. It has a 360 degree view of the countryside. These magnificent gardens which are lit by 2000 candles are open on Thursday evenings. As you walk around, at different places, music is played by small groups of musicians. There were thousands of people there enjoying the magic. The weather is perfect to this activity. At night it is still mild.

As we were leaving we came across very large fairies with enormous wings with lights attached. There were touching people especially children with a big wand with a lit butterfly on the end. All this while eerie music played. Both children and adults were captivated, as were we. Magical.


the shaped garden


The jazz group playing four different types of saxaphones


The gardens with the candles


The string group which played modern songs


The fairies. Not a good photo but the best I could do.

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