A lazy lunch in Gascony

Yesterday we went to Montesquiou for lunch. The restaurant here was a recommendation of the owners if the cottage. Rob had telephoned for a booking the night before and had spoken in his best French, so as soon as we arrived he knew it was us We sat in a small lane under trees beside the restaurant.
The restaurant serves only one menu with the only alternative being the main course. It is easy for the chef, staff and customers. The four course menu included bread water and all the ros wine you could drink for 15 euros each, which is about $22.

First we had a chicken noodle soup, which was made with a good chicken or duck stock. It had a small amount of tomato paste and carrot. It was delicious. A bowl of soup was brought to the table and you helped yourself.
The entree was a tomato tart with intense flavour. It was served with coucous, salad and a slice of fine ham.
For the main course we both chose beef bourgingnon. The other choice was duck. The beef had great depth of flavour, assisted by the addition of plenty of red wine. This was served with mashed potatoes.
The dessert was creme caramel. I have eaten this dessert many times and I make it myself, this one was as good as it gets.
The owner of the restaurant wanted us to drink some more, but Rob had to drive home. They should supply sunbeds under the trees so you can sleep before you drive home.imageimageimageimageimageimage

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