We enjoyed a wonderful day on our Royal Day Out at Buckingham Palace,It took five hours and we enjoyed seeing the official rooms inside the Palace as well as the Queens clothing.
We visited the British Library and saw the Gutenberg bible, Alexander Fleming’s notes on his discovery of penicillin and other important documents. The best part was seeing the words of the Beatles songs written on a serviette and inside a card for Julian.
Then on to the British Museum to check out the Greek statues.

One of our favourite Chefs is Ottom Ottolenghi, so it was wonderful to visit his restaurant Nopi again. The food is delicious. They encourage diners to share plates. We had a wonderful waiter who advised us with food and wine. A. Special night.
Another of our favourite chefs and travellers is Giorgio Locatelli. We went to his restaurant and ate a wonderful Italian meal. Giorgio came into the restaurant from the kitchen for about ten seconds so Rob asked the waiter to ask Giorgio to come and say hello to us, as I nearly died of embarrassment. Next minute Giorgio was at our table and we were telling him that he was the reason we had gone to Sicily. He told us he will be doing another TV series, this time on Rome Florence and Naples. He did not visit any other tables.
I have photos of both meals on my phone so cannot put them here.

We traveled to Hampton Court Palace by train. As we arrived we listened to a young women in period dress explaining her plight as the Queen Catherine Howard’s lady in waiting. We were taken into a closed area where other people appeared to tell their part in the story. We became part of the royal household. We were then taken to another part of the palace to be witnesses to the evidence of the Queen’s misbehaviour. Then they were taken to the Tower and off with their heads. Then the Queens household (us) were dismissed.
A lovely way to learn about history.

On to the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe at the Tate modern. We were underwhelmed. The paintings were not as vibrant as in the books. it cost us A$34.00 to see Georgia O’Keefe. That was a seniors price without a donation to the Tate. Enjoy all our exhibitions at our art galleries. It also cost about A$22.00 to see the underwear exhibition at the V&A. It was exhibits from their own stores
London is so expensive. Everything is twice the price of Australia.

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