Food tour continued.

Balsamic Vinegar  and Prosciutto

We went to a family run Balsamic operation. Six generations of Balsamic making. As each child is born several barrels of balsamic are made with their name on it. This is their inheritance. It takes many years to develop and is subject to strict laws ensuring the method of production is followed and the quality is perfect.


Then on to the ham. The place has 190,000 legs of prosciutto curing, it is worth 30 million Euro.

the first saltingp1190396

i got to do the sealing paste on the leg



Then on to lunch. The food was delicious. They force fed us putting food on our plate. As soon as we took a sip our wine glasses were filled. If we wanted to try other wines, these came in small glasses on the side. We finished with a sweet wine, grappa and lemoncello.

The company was multicultural and all had a fantastic time. We will never forget it.

i could write so much more, but putting photos on the blog takes so much time on the ipad.

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