Marqueyssac gardens

Last Thursday evening in the Dordogne we went to the Marqueyssac gardens, which are on a hill next to a chateau. It has a 360 degree view of the countryside. These magnificent gardens which are lit by 2000 candles are open on Thursday evenings. As you walk around, at different places, music is played by … More Marqueyssac gardens


  This is a beautiful part of rural France, very green environment with a big river. This area is where the average French people come for their holidays. There are lots of family groups here enjoying themselves. No tourist buses, so no large tour groups. Our cottage is one of several situated at the base … More Dordogne

Saint-Cirg Lapopie

This is the view from our room. Saint-Cirt Lapopie is a medieval village which overhangs the river lot. Many houses have been preserved and are still occupied. The village has a history of wood turners and leather workers. The view from the road where we illegally parked to take the photo. The village Food for … More Saint-Cirg Lapopie

Leaving Annecy

After seven nights we are reluctently leaving Annecy. We have loved it. We travelled to Lake Geneva and came back over the alps., right past Mont Blanc. The installations in the rown have been amazing, umbrellas and floating islands in the canals and last night saw a wooden installations with oils lamps. It also had … More Leaving Annecy